If you want to study

If you need personalised support to choose your next set of studies or you want to know more about other training options readily available, the network has various resources for you.

In the Balearic Islands (Fundació Natzaret)

  • Pista d’aterratge. Aimed at girls and boys between the ages of 13 and 17, this programme will offer a personalised education capable of filling every child or young person’ needs in their steps towards autonomy. See more

    For more information about Fundació Natzaret:
    971 730 606

In Catalonia (Servei Solidari)

  • Formació Básica is a programme that includes training projects within the organisation in the following fields:

    Acogida sociolingüística: cursos de formación de las lenguas vehiculares, catalán y castellano. Se trabaja también en dar a conocer la sociedad de acogida a personas inmigrantes.
    Instrumental training: literacy classes and new ways of reading.
    Afluents: an accompaniment project to schooling families of immigrant origin.
    Tasta’m: language training, basic skills and welcome to unaccompanied immigrant minors, in many cases coming from minor centres, through workshops.
    TIC-PuntÒmnia: digital literary classes and an open room serving those who do not have regular access to a computer. 
    See more

    For more information about Servei Solidari:
    93 441 64 06


In Madrid (Opción 3)

  • Activities and workshops for personal and social promotion (for boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18), with a variety of workshops for schools, extracurricular activities and free time. See more

  • Educational, formative and pre-labour support designed for young people in difficult situations or at risk of exclusion. See more

  • A programme within a businessso that young people learn more about working in a business, making sure they get the most out of an experience of living in a working environment. See more

    For more information on Opción 3:
    If you live in, or near to, the Carabanchel district, call 91 392 02 80
    If you live in, or near to, the Tetuán district, call 91 398 15 43
    If you live in, or near to, the Villaverde district, call 91 710 93 50
    If you live in, or near to, the Prosperidad district, call 91 333 91 10

In Galicia (Igaxes3)

  • Aleida Programme, to prevent school failure of children and young people between the ages of 12 and 18, with educational, pre-labour activities, training and a line dedicated to study support. See more

  • Aulas TIC is for young people who do not have regular Internet access or access to new technologies, and want to learn how to use them, mostly in order to to help them find jobs. See more

  • Casa Valverde, a residency where boys and girls in social disadvantaged situations receive training about entering into the labour market, followed by work placements in local businesses. See more

    For more information about Igaxes3:
    981 561 169

Translated by Hannah Norish and Emma Kettlewell within the initative PerMondo. Sponsored by Mondo Agit offering translations from Spanish into English.