A non profit organisation for the full social incorporation of young people in vulnerable situations. Dedicated to the attention and support of the independence of young people at risk of exclusion, IGAXES3 believe in the empowerment of each person they work with, and believe that they are the protagonists of their own life projects. They accompany them on this path of change towards personal autonomy, and towards a full, free and active life.

Carlos Rosón Varela
Rúa da Muíña, 24. 15707 Santiago de Compostela
Tel: (+34) 981 561 169. Fax: 981 561 142
E-mail: igaxes@igaxes.org


Fundación Trebol de Iniciativa Social

A foundation dedicated to design, study and evaluation of programmes of intervention with people in vulnerable situations, especially teenagers and young people at risk of social exclusion. As a centre of generating and transferring knowledge, the foundation promotes investigation and training initiatives for professionals in the field of social action. Voluntary work is their other line of action, in which they develop programmes aimed at the creation of support networks for young people without the company of family during their transition to independent life.

Luís Barreiro Carballal
Rúa da Muíña, 24 – ático. 15707 Santiago de Compostela
Tel: (+34) 981 561 169. Fax: 981 561 142
E-mail: fundacion@fundaciontrebol.org



A non profit organisation whose mission is to accompany adolescents and young people, who find themselves in disadvantaged social situations, in their process of transition to adult life. They use tools such as social insertion, and work closely with social agents and community social networks to develop places of reference for when the young person assumes the role of protagonist of their own life.

Martín Lomas Álvarez
C/ Olmo, 15. 28012 Madrid
Tel: (+34) 91 500 57 36
E-mail: empleo@opcion3.es

Fundación ISOS

This foundation was born out of the ideas, objectives and motivations of a group of professionals with a long trajectory in social education intervention, principally in the sectors of childhood, adolescence and youth. Their main objective is to promote social sustainability and development, and to strengthen those social and educational interventions, that are carried through to provide a sustainable future for the coming generations. Their priority lies with the youngest and least sociably favoured.

Ildefonso Perojo Pérez
C/ Olmo, 15. 28012 Madrid
Tel: (+34) 91 333 91 09 /  (+34) 659 328 522
E-mail: coordinacion@fundacionisos.es


Servei Solidari

A non profit organisation with the purpose of tackling social inequalities and contribute to the change towards a fairer society, by means of education, mentoring and raising awareness. They also facilitate and encourage the autonomy and full citizenship of young people and adults at risk of social exclusion, offering comprehensive attention in collaboration with other organisations. The participation of committed volunteers is also a key element in the development of the organisations programmes.

Joan Prat Armadans
C/ San Antoni Abat, 61 - bajos. 08001 Barcelona
Tel: (+34) 93 441 64 06 /  Fax: (+34) 93 443 27 27
E-mail: serveisolidari@serveisolidari.org

Fundació Natzaret

A non profit organisation which promotes the comprehensive education of minors, to transform and improve their present and future situation. Their residential programmes expect to provide the minors, above all, with the basic resources and tools to integrate into the social system in an autonomous manner. For them, Natzaret proposes a pedagogical guide to a comprehensive education, and differentiate according to the personal, family and social characteristics of each resident.

Guillem Cladera Coll
Av. Joan Miró, 101. 07015 Palma de Mallorca
Tel: (+34) 971 730 606 /  Fax: (+34) 971 284 147
E-mail: gcladera@fundacionatzaret.org


Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

The Research Group (GI17) of Social Education Intervention of the UNED is made up of experts in different areas of knowledge from various universities. Its purpose is to reflect on methods of practice, in order to achieve improvement, change and social transformation. They have carried out different investigation projects of diverse themes, all linked in the social field of education. Nowadays, they have granted a research and development project entitled: 'From the educational times to the social times: leisure, training and employment of youths in social difficulty.'

Miguel Melendro Estefanía
Facultad de Educación. Despacho 222
C/ Juan del Rosal, 14. 28040 Madrid
Tel: (+34) 91 398 88 98
E-mail: mmelendro@edu.uned.es

Universidade de Santiago de Compostela

The Research Group of Social Pedagogy and Environmental Education (SEPA- Interea) GI – 1147, operates under the University of Santiago de Compostela and is recognised as the Competitive Reference Group in the Galician university system. The group leads and/or is a part of the diverse scientific societies and research networks of national and international universities. Between their preferred lines of investigation, there are areas such as education and urban and rural community development; Environmental education and sustainable culture; Social educational action and intervention in local administration; Analysis of the Galician education system; Social, political and cultural education; Training and learning communities; Social class and social equality; Education of the citizens and human rights.

José Antonio Caride Gómez
Departamento de Teoría da Educación, Historia da Educación e Pedagoxía Social
Facultade de Ciencias da Educación
C/ Xosé María Suárez Núñez, s/n – Campus Vida. 15782 Santiago de Compostela
Tel: (+34) 881 813 762
E-mail: joseantonio.caride@usc.es


Universidade da Coruña

The research group of Political Education, History and Society (PEHS), operates under the Department of Pedagogy and Didactics of the University of A Coruña. They focus their research activity in three main lines; History of education; Local politics, education and sport; and Politics of change in education. In these areas they tackle themes such as schooling, alphabetisation, the teaching profession and school culture, the movement for Galician autonomy and education, Leisure, physical education and games; Cultural activities and management; Human rights and social justice; or Innovations and political education.

Ana Iglesias Galdo
Departamento de Pedagoxía e Didáctica
Facultade de Ciencias da Educación
Campus de Elviña, s/n. 15071 A Coruña
Tel: (+34) 981 167 000 – ext. 1744  /  Fax: (+34) 981 167 115
E-mail: anai@udc.es

Universitat de Girona

The ERÍDIQV (Research team for Childhood, Adolescence, Childhood rights and their Quality of Life) operates under the Quality of Life Research Institute (IRQV) of the University of Girona (UdG). Created in 1997, their objective is to strengthen and develop the investigation in the area of well being and quality of life, in particular with children and adolescents. Their principal lines of investigation are: Personal well being and life satisfaction; Childhood rights and social protection in childhood, adolescence and youth. At the moment, it is a research group which is acknowledged and financed by the Government of Catalonia (2014SGR1332).

Carme Montserrat Boada
Despacho 319
Facultat d’Educació i Psicologia
Plaça Sant Domènec, 9. 17071 Girona
Tel: (+34) 972 419 838
E-mail: carme.montserrat@udg.edu


Universitat de les Illes Balears

The group of Educational and Social research and training (GIFES) of the UBI develops three lines of investigation: Quality of life; Social educational and social problems and needs; Evaluation of needs, programmes and social services and education; and Methods of investigation. Such fields of work distinguish between the areas of family, education, ageing, childhood and youth and social politics. The programmes are associated with training for a Masters degree in Social educational intervention for minors and families, or a Specialist Course in techniques for resolving youth conflicts.

Lluís Ballester Brage
Departament de Pedagogia e Didàctiques Específiques
Campus Universitari
Edifici Guillem Cifre de Colonya
Cra. de Valldemossa Km. 7,5
Tel: (+34) 971 172 560 /  Fax: (+34) 971 173 190
E-mail: lluis.ballester@uib.es

Translated by Hannah Norish and Emma Kettlewell within the initative PerMondo.
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